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About Me


I am an experienced, certified Personal Trainer through American Council on Exercise. I offer in-person and online coaching in fitness and nutrition, as well as personalized meal plans and workouts, with a focus on long-term lifestyle change to achieve results. My specialties include weight training, corrective exercise, senior fitness, pre- and post-natal, weight loss, muscle gain, mobility, and cardiovascular training.



I began my fitness journey as a teenager who had played sports, but never set foot in a gym. I remember how intimidated and lost I felt my first few workouts, and how my confidence grew as I got more comfortable with the equipment and became fitter and stronger.


When I made the decision to quit my desk job, I thought about the trainer I would have wanted when I started working out. I aim to pass on my knowledge to as many people as possible, through in-person coaching in the Davis/Sacramento area, and online coaching all over the world.



I have a personal passion for food and cooking that put me on the path of nutrition science. Through diet changes, I have improved my performance in the gym and my overall health.


Fitness and nutrition are deeply connected. I integrate nutrition coaching into my training experience. I provide general guidance, meal plans, diet analyses, shopping lists, and oversight when making your diet changes.

I am comfortable working with your specific dietary needs, and making sure we are designing a nutritionally-balanced plan that fuels your workouts and helps you feel great.



Every plan I make for you is customized to your individual needs, based on an initial assessment. I offer custom meal and workout plans as well as more in-depth one-on-one fitness and nutrition coaching on a schedule that works for you. Exercise and food selection are tailored to your preferences, and everything I choose is with your end goal in mind.

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